The crafts

Giny and Dirk like to keep themselves busy, so they converted their garage into a spacious and well equipped workshop. 

On this page you can see what they do there.

Giny's crafts

Giny started spinning during one of their visits to Skye in Scotland, and got hooked to crochet soon after that. Nowadays, she spins, dyes, crochets and knits, sells crochet projects and gives private and group lessons on spinning, dying and crochet. 

Errigal view craft beer

Dirk started brewing beer many years ago, but it really took of when he bought a Grainfather brewing kettle. Nowadays he brews various batches of beer on a regular basis, with at least four kinds on tap. 

Sadly it’s illegal to sell homebrew, but ask him nicely and he’ll arrange a tasting session for you.

Our Workshop